The workshop was founded in 1924 by Franciszek Zięba, who gained the necessary knowledge and skills for construction of instruments abilities during the long-term work at the workshop producing the musical instruments Amati in Kraslice. The experience acquired during this work allowed very fast for gaining the trust of local musicians playing in local brass bands and musical groups.

The Second World War stopped the activity of the thriving workshop. Only the end of the warfare enabled the return to the work on instruments. The post-war years were characterized by the permanent extending the technical base, construction of next machines, machine tools and tools necessary for repairs and production of brass instruments. Over these years, a dozen or so hand-made trombones, of saxhorns and trumpets have left the walls of the workshop.


At the beginning of the sixties, the son of Franciszek Zięba, the present owner of the factory Roman Zięba, began vocational training in the workshop and passionately immersed himself in the ins and outs of the construction of musical instruments. The crowning achievement of this long-term vocational training was gaining a diploma of a master in repair of musical instruments and above all huge expansion of customer base. It is since that time that it is in the Bulowice workshop that not only the largest brass bands of southern Poland (mining, fire and military brass bands) but also musicians from higher education centres from all parts of our country repair their instruments here.

Since 1999, all new technological achievements are introduced with the great commitment by a representative of the third generation of the masters from Bulowice: the present co-owner Michał Zięba. He expanded the list of offered services with extremely demanded professional varnishing of surfaces of renovated instruments and the sale of new and second hand instruments.


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We provide professional repair services as well as the service of the woodwind and brass-wind instruments. Our long-standing experience guarantees perfect execution of work entrusted to us.

It is for the accomplished service that we give 2 years warranty and the service free of charge!
We issue 23%- and 0%-VAT invoices.

Sales of new and second-hand instruments is covered by 2 years warranty and the service free of charge.