Professional varnishing carried out at our unit is based on verified technological processes of the leading companies producing instruments. Thanks to the advanced technology and acquired experience in the factory Amati as well as 15 years of practice in varnishing, we offer the highest level service. The instruments varnished by us regain not only the original, factory condition but they also do not lose their tonal advantages. It should be noted that varnishing is exclusively carried out along with the complete refurbishment. It results from the very complex technological process giving the possibility of issuing the warranty (as for brand new instruments). Varnishes and chemical compounds used in the course of preparing a surface of an instrument, its polishing, degreasing, re-painting meet the criteria of the highest quality.

The repair and varnishing of wind instruments cover:
  • Total dismantling of all components
  • Removing springs, stoppers, felt pads and nacre from flaps
  • Unsolderring corps of brass instruments
  • Cleaning interiors, removing tarnishes, patina and stone
  • Galvanic removing of silver, nickel or chromium (if necessary)
  • Removing varnish
  • Straightening out dents and deformations
  • Replacing used parts
  • Removing traces of long-term use at the places especially frequently touched
  • Preliminary polishing
  • Final straightening
  • Assembling - soldering the parts
  • Regulation, fitting the elements - removing shakes, levelling vents
  • Final polishing
  • Preliminary degreasing
  • Thermal chemical degreasing
  • Varnishing in any colour in the varnish chamber
  • Drying and warming in a varnish oven at a specified temperature
  • Placing springs
  • Assembling an instrument combined with gluing pads, stoppers, felts and the like
  • Quality control - checking sounds and tones of an instrument
We use only coatings of GJ Nikol & Co., Inc. for varnishing


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We provide professional repair services as well as the service of the woodwind and brass-wind instruments. Our long-standing experience guarantees perfect execution of work entrusted to us.

It is for the accomplished service that we give 2 years warranty and the service free of charge!
We issue 23%- and 0%-VAT invoices.

Sales of new and second-hand instruments is covered by 2 years warranty and the service free of charge.